Monday 29 June 2015

He's so over the rainbow: 'Would you be truly happy if your children declare they will marry the same gender?'

I think this could be the first time Singaporeans ever cared about a US Supreme Court decision.

Even Ho Ching, wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (who is so fond of pink shirts), shared this:

After the court legalised gay marriage in America last week, many used the rainbow filter on their Facebook profile photo to celebrate, including Singaporeans.

Well, not everyone.

Yesterday, a Facebook friend posted this:

Reading this, I'm not sure if he's anti-gay marriage or just anti-bandwagon jumping.

At first, I thought, "Oh, he's gonna get it."

To my surprise, he wasn't flamed. The replies to his comment were civil and, uh... thoughtful?

I would also like to reply to his comment here.

Will I "genuinely be truly happy" if my son or daughter "declare that they will marry the same gender"?

No, I will not.

Because I know the discrimination they will face. The whispers behind their back.

Because I know you can't legally marry someone of the same sex in Singapore.

I will not be happy because gay marriage may be legal in America but not everywhere else. Not every Singaporean can go to London to get married like Ivan Heng.

And if you're not legally married, you can't get an HDB flat and you can't move out and your mother and I will still have to take care of you.

You would think that with all these rainbow-coloured HDB blocks, HDB would be pro-gay marriage.

But I will be happy that my son or daughter has found someone he or she want to spend his or her life with, even if it's someone of the same sex. I just hope they'll be rich enough to afford private housing.

I may not have jumped on the bandwagon and switched my profile picture to the "rainbow hue", but I sorta got the shirt.

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