Saturday 13 June 2015

Amos Yee 'suicidal' & 'strapped to bed' in prison: 4 shocking allegations by lawyer

The Online Citizen has posted a letter written by Amos Yee's lawyer, Mr Alfred Dodwell, to District Judge Jasvender Kaur dated yesterday regarding the criminal charges against Amos Yee, who has been in remand since June 2.

Buried in page five of the six-page letter is a paragraph containing four shocking allegations by Mr Dodwell about Yee's incarceration in Changi Prison:

Yee had "suicidal thoughts".


Yee informed the prison psychiatrists and was subsequently "strapped to a bed in a medical facility for approximately one and a half days".

Yee found it "extremely difficult to urinate and defecate" as he "could only sit up or lie down". Yee had to "bend down painfully against his straps" to "urinate into a jar at the side of the bed", which would be left there and "pungent odors" would emanate.


Yee was "surrounded by patients who were mentally unsound". One was "constantly jerking against his chains" and another would talk to himself.

Yee is scheduled to be in court again on June 23.