Thursday 2 January 2014

Physically abusive son more hated than verbally abusive cop

Apparently, someone sent this audio clip of himself being verbally abused by a cop to The Real Singapore website hoping to scandalise the police.

The guy even evoked Dinesh Raman, who died in prison, to get people on his side.
Based of my encounters with some of the local police, I strongly believe that some of the Singapore police and prison officers not only verbally abuse people but also physically abuse people.

Why is the Singapore government protecting these civil servants and not helping Dinesh parents find true justice?

Here's the twist: Almost everyone who listened to the audio clip is on the side of the policeman!

Why? Because the audio clip reveals that the cop is verbally abusing the guy for physically abusing his parents.
Cop: What you fucking doing to your parent? What you did to your parent?

Guy: It's an argument.

Cop: You mean argument you can hit your father?... You bloody idiot, you know.

The cop gets much more vulgar after that.

But surprisingly, most of the online comments are in support of the cop. A sample comment:
... the police officer accused you of hitting your parents, and you admitted to it.

You did not say why but I believe if your cause is legit, e.g. you have abusive parents, or your parents were abusing a sibling and you're trying to protect him/her, I am reasonably sure any sane human being will be at your side (including the police officer in question).

However, that is obviously not the case here and you still have the audacity to cry foul on the person who is trying to educate you while letting you off with just a verbal warning?!

So... here's what I think of you.

You are a pathetic excuse for a human being. A scumbag. A degenerative disease that if left unchecked may likely form a tumor in society.

I hope you will grow up to be a dignified person and treat the elderly with respect. If not, I hope the police officer will live up to his promise and throw you in jail for being the scumbag you choose to be.

Another comment:
This police officer needs to be given a medal for showing restraint.

I might have shot him.

So it seems that as much as netizens tend to be anti-establishment and resent authority figures like cops, they hate a guy who hits his parents even more.

Faith in humanity restored?

And I don't mean the humanity of the cop, but the humanity of "netizens".

The lesson here?

If you hit your parents, don't cry police brutality online or you're going to be hit with even more brutality online.

UPDATE: Even though I hit my parents, please read my explanation