Tuesday 3 December 2013

Good cup, bad cup?

It's the end of an era. I'm finally retiring my office mug.

It was given to me by my friend Paik Choo five years ago. She got it as a gift at some event she was covering.

The words on the mug have faded off a bit, but apparently, the event was the 8th Forbes Global CEO Conference.

Fancy! Jet Li was there.

The mug even outlasted Paik Choo, who left the company in August last year.

When the bottom part rusted off a while ago, I scrapped off the rust and kept using it.

But last night, I had terrible diarrhoea and I'm not saying it was caused by the mug, but I decided not to take any more chances.

Actually, my "new" office mug is even older, but it's not metallic. So no rust.

In 1996, I received this mug with my name on it from a car workshop. I didn't even own a car then. My mother did.

I have been saving it for a special occasion and this is it.

I don't want any more diarrhoea.