Sunday 9 June 2013

My first vertical marathon (and my last?)

I took part in the National Vertical Marathon at Asia Square (near Lau Pa Sat) this morning.

Forty-three storeys.

Rainy. Glad it was an indoor "marathon".

Of course, Singaporeans have been known to do other things in stairwells besides vertical marathons.

View from the top. (Actually, the 38th floor, which is not really the top.)

About 2,200 took part in the event organised by NTU Sports Club.

I joined the "veterans" category for those over 45. My timing was 12 minutes 43 seconds, making me 23rd out of 46 "veteran" runners.

The two guys next to me at the starting line were sprinting - SPRINTING! - up the stairs. I walked all the way and still struggled.

Maybe it's because there were no zombies coming after me.

I guess I won't be attempting the Swissotel Vertical Marathon later this year. 73 floors!

UPDATE: Making a mountain out of a (Swissotel Vertical) Marathon