Monday 29 April 2013

I have a big head (but you know that already)

I went to see Iron Man 3 in 3D last week at West Mall in Bukit Batok. (The cineplex there used to belong to Eng Wah but was recently bought over by Cathay.)

When I collected the tickets, I was told I had to buy 3D glasses at $2 a pair. It used to be the movie theatre would just lend us a pair that we returned after the movie.

The new reusable $2 glasses come in a nice pouch with a cleaning cloth inside, which is thoughtful.

The problem is the glasses are TOO SMALL FOR MY HEAD. They come in only one size and let me tell you, one size does not fit all.

Previously, the old 3D glasses the theatres used to loan us were so big that you could comfortably wear them over your regular glasses.

At Iron Man 3, my wife struggled to fit the new 3D glass over her own glasses. Fortunately, I wore my contacts, but I still felt my head being squeezed by the 3D glasses.

And because the frame of the new 3D glasses is not as wide as the frame of the old ones, the viewing experience is less immersive.

But then I guess that's what you get for two bucks.

After the movie, I found out there were special Iron Man-themed 3D glasses that cost $10.90 each. They look bigger than the $2 glasses, but the $10.90 ones weren't offered to me at the theatre.

Still, the movie was a blast, easily the most entertaining Iron Man movie of the three and better than the KFC Zinger Double Down Max.

By the way, the bad guys in Iron Man 3 are from an organisation called AIM, which was surprising pbecause I didn't know the movie was set in Singapore.

Also, am I the only one to feel a little stupid to be among the few people to sit through the lengthy credits after the movie ends just to see the post-credits scene which is so much shorter than the credits I just sat through?

But it was worth it.

UPDATE: Two weeks later, I went to see Star Trek Into Darkness in Imax 3D at JCube (Shaw Cinemas) and got the big 3D glasses again. Much better. Of course, I had to return them after the movie.