Thursday 18 October 2012

No, I did not Q for my iPhone 5

This is a follow-up to my column about my failed attempt to be the first person in Singapore to get the iPhone 5.

Seven days after the iPhone 5 launch, I went to the SingTel website and ordered the phone online, and it was delivered to me (at no extra charge) four days later.

It was a surprisingly painless process compared to what I went through earlier.

But when colleagues see me with the phone, they would say, "Oh, so you're of those people who queued up."

Why do they assume that?

Anyway, here's my quick first-impression review of the iPhone 5.

It's lighter and slimmer, which is the most immediate improvement over my old iPhone 4.

The taller display gives you one more row of apps on the screen, but otherwise it makes little difference for now as most apps are still designed for the smaller display.

The battery seems to last longer, but the new Lightning connector is a pain because I have so many old connectors.

The new EarPods earphones are impressive bass-wise for its price (free), but not very comfortable and not secure enough for use when running.

Not to be confused with the LTA, the LTE - where available - is definitely faster than 3G.

Yes, the new Apple Maps app is not as detailed as Google Maps, but it's not a deal breaker.

I guess I'm just slightly disappointed the phone didn't change my life like my first iPhone did.

The biggest difference this time is just a little less weight in my pocket.

I'm actually more excited about the $5 iPhone 5 cover (including shipping) I ordered on eBay and received a couple of days ago. Five bucks!

So Y Q?

I mean, why queue? There's this invention called the Internet ...