Sunday 26 August 2012

We're No. 1 in the world in wealth and health - and Bejeweled Blitz

I’m bitterly disappointed in M&Ms.

More specifically, I’m bitterly disappointed in the M&Ms store that opened in Changi Airport Terminal 2 two weeks ago. It’s reportedly the biggest M&Ms store in Asia.

But only in Asia. The biggest M&Ms store in the world is still in New York City.

How can we not be No. 1 in the world? I’m sorry, but I find this hard to accept as I’ve become so used to Singapore being the global numero uno.

It's almost enough to make want to make a police report.

Earlier this month, we learnt that Singapore is not only the wealthiest country in the world, but we’re also the healthiest country.

Not only in Southeast Asia. Not only in Asia. Not only in Asia-Pacific. But in the world!

This means if there was a World Cup for being rich and healthy, we would be Spain.

(Incidentally, Spain is ranked the seventh healthiest country in the Bloomberg survey and is not even among the top 10 wealthiest countries, based on GDP per capita, according to The Wealth Report 2012 compiled by Knight Frank and Citi Private Bank.)

Since Singapore is the wealthiest and healthiest country in the world, don’t you think we deserve to have the biggest M&Ms store in the world – not only in Asia?

And I just I checked Guinness World Records online – Singapore is tops not only in the categories of wealth and health, but we are also world beaters in dozens of other noble human endeavours.

I mean, just a month ago, our indomitable young nation set a new Guinness record for the largest cupcake mosaic in the world – not only in Asia.

This epic feat was achieved by the Ayer Rajah Community Centre Youth Club on July 29 at the Singapore Expo with 20,000 cupcakes.

If you think one cupcake is filling...

But that’s just the tip of the frosting. Here are 10 more inspiring official Guinness world records held by Singapore you may not be aware of:

Most people sitting on one chair
On Aug 16 2008, 1,058 people set this record at Springfield Secondary School.

Most people playing Sudoku simultaneously
On Aug 1 2008, 1,714 people set this record at Fairfield Methodist Primary School.

Largest egg and spoon race
On July 27 2008, 1,308 students set this record at Singapore Polytechnic.

Longest chain of helmets
On Oct 21 2007, this record was set with 18,000 safety helmets on Sentosa

Longest satay
On July 21 2007, this record was set with a 140.03m-long chicken satay at Lau Pa Sat. Not recommended for Diner en Blanc.

Most games of Scrabble played simultaneously
On March 14 2006. 1,042 people set this record with 521 games at Northland Secondary School.

Largest body mass index check
On Sept 5 2004, 3,594 people set this record on Sentosa.

Largest game of musical chairs
On Aug 5 1989, 8,238 people set this record at the Anglo-Chinese School. The game lasted three and a half hours. That was the last time no one heard of Gangnam Style.

Longest human tooth extracted
On April 6 2009, Dr Ng Lay Choo removed this record-setting 3.2cm-long tooth from Loo Hui Jing at the Eli Dental Surgery. Ouch.

Highest score on Bejeweled Blitz
On July 19 2011, Lee Chen Wei scored 804,200 points. This person is an unsung national hero.

But despite having the greatest Bejeweled Blitz player in the world and being No. 1 in wealth and health, we don’t rank so highly where perhaps it matters most.

According to the World Happiness Report by the United Nations released earlier this year, Singapore is only the 33rd happiest country in the world.

That’s just depressing. Even Spain is happier than us – they’re ranked at No. 22.

But then they won the actual World Cup.

Maybe some M&Ms will cheer me up.

No, wait ...

- Published in The New Paper, 26 August 2012