Tuesday 10 July 2012

I almost wrote Le Bisellahause (It's a new Ch 5 sitcom)

In the beginning of March, about a month before Eric Khoo asked me to write the movie script, I got a call from my old boss at MediaCorp who wanted to meet.

She asked if I could write as a freelancer a new sitcom about property agents they had conceived called Le Bisellahause.

It was a rush job. All they had confirmed were the name of the show, the TX date in July and Mark Lee as the star. No one else had been cast.

Three months to write an entire series of eight half-hour episodes was insane, even for a team of writers. And I was just one guy.

I also know even less about property agents than I do about Ah Beng contractors.

But it felt nice to be asked. So despite my reservations, I said yes.

(It's hard to say no to a job, knowing that once you say no, they stop asking you.)

Then I went home and read the contract and realised they also wanted me to write audition scripts and synopses and all that. That was when I baulked. Since I already have a full-time job, it was a greater commitment than I was willing to make.

A couple of days later, I told them I couldn't do it.

So I left them in the lurch a bit. I haven't heard from my old boss since.

And now, four months later, Channel 5 has started the promos for the show, which premieres on July 17, Tuesday, 8.30pm.

I had recommended that they include a female property agent, but they appear to have decided to stick with an all-male cast. Ah, well...

Actually, the real reason I didn't want to write the show is I really hate the name Le Bisellahause. (I think it's pronounced "le buy sell a house". Get it?)

I understand it's just filler until The Noose comes back.

UPDATE: 10 reasons you should watch Le Bisellahause