Monday 26 March 2012

Saw II - now with pictures! (But not Cleopatra)

It seems that former SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa has followed my advice and included pictures in her latest blog post.

Too bad it's not the famous "Cleopatra" pictures, but she does explain the origins of the "Cleopatra" pictures - which turn out not to be of her being Cleopatra after all.

Her explanation:
Last year, we did the haka, and I was told I must agree to be carried in a chair (I guess as a tribal leader). We were all dressed in costumes.

At the ballroom entrance, my sedan bearers, to my amazement, took off their shirts.

Anyhow, the show must go on, so I entered the ballroom, followed the management on stage and did our haka (also badly). It was hilarious!

Unfortunately, a photo was posted by the event company on their website to promote their services. This photo went viral! Following that, some other events were also criticised.

Personally, I agree that we must be sensitive on all matters, especially those which are racial and religious in nature.

As long as we observe such sensitivities, I would do it again, as after all, it was for the staff.

The little we could do to make it fun for the staff and for them to see management as one of them, rather than people on high horses, was why we did the events that way.

Way to show you're not "people on high horses" by riding in on a sedan chair carried by shirtless men. Actual horses weren't available?

Oh, and Ms Saw hasn't followed my advice about changing the sphytty blog name.

UPDATE: She has quit her blog?