Wednesday 28 March 2012

Doggone it, 'dogs' again!

For the second time in two months, a tertiary student is in trouble for making insensitive online comments about a group of people using the word "dogs".

Last month, it was an NUS scholar from China named Sun Xu who posted in Chinese on Weibo that there were "more dogs than humans in Singapore".

Then this week, Nanyang Polytechnic student Shimun Lai sent out this racist tweet below and has since apologised.

I don't get it. Why dogs?

I'm surprised dog lovers aren't up in arms. These two people are insulting dogs as much as they are insulting humans.

Are dogs really the worst animals they can think of? Did they even consider other creatures? Like, say, cats?

What about centipedes? This poor guy lost half his leg because of a centipede bite.

You know what? I blame this guy below.

He is Professor Kong Qingdong from Peking University.

Two months ago, on a Chinese talk show, he reportedly called the Hong Kong people "running dogs for the British colonialists".

He said: "And until now, you (Hongkongers) are still dogs. You aren't human."

The people in HK reacted pretty much the same way Singaporeans reacted to the "dogs" comments by Sun Xu and Shimun Lai.

So it was this professor who started this whole "I'm comparing you to dogs as an insult" thing.

Oh, by the way, he also denigrated Singaporeans on the show, but rather half-heartedly in comparison. He reportedly said that Singaporeans have “no quality” because we rely on laws and fines to keep us in line.

That was it?

Some Singaporeans were "outraged", but hey, it's not like he called us "dogs".

Wait. Did he really call us "piece of shit" as well?

I'm outraged!

Wait. I need a translator to confirm and then I'm outraged!

Wait. This was two months ago. Is it too late to be outraged?