Wednesday 22 February 2012

Free McDonald's ice-cream! A sign of the (curry sauce) apocalypse?

So I ordered McNuggets at McDonald's during lunch today. I was given McNuggets and an ice-cream cone.

I said I didn't order the ice-cream. I was told they're out of curry sauce, so they're giving me an ice-cream instead.

Am I supposed to dip the McNuggets in the ice-cream? (Actually, that could work.)

Is another Curry Sauce Crisis imminent?

According to Yahoo, McDonald's said in a Facebook post: "In regular product checks, we have noticed that a small number of samples from our most recent batch of Curry Sauce have had their packaging compromised.

"As a precaution, we have made the decision to withdraw the entire batch from circulation...

“We know many of you will be disappointed at this unfortunate situation, and we’d like to try and make it up to you in some small way.

"From 10 – 24 February 2012, any purchase of Chicken McNuggets at our restaurants will entitle you to a FREE treat with our compliments:
- 4pc: 1 Soft Serve Cone
- 6pc and 9 pc : 1 Apple Pie
- 20 pc: 2 Apple Pies"