Wednesday 14 April 2021

I bought the KFC mask and here's my review

So KFC started selling masks today.

Instead of Original or Extra Crispy, the choice is Night or Day. I picked Night because it's black.

The price is $6.95, but if you order it as an add-on with your food, the mask is only $1.65.

KFC makes no claims that it will protect you from any virus and the packaging says it's "not intended for medical use".

It's made up of two layers of fabric, so it's not so flimsy.

The mask comes in only one size though. I feel it's slightly small for my giant-ass flat face, but because of the adjustable ear loops, it doesn't feel too snug or uncomfortable.

I like the KFC mask enough that I may get the other design.

Which is rather similar to the McDonald's pyjamas from two years ago.

EARLIER: Inspired by Alfian Sa'at, I wrote a poem called McDonald's, You Did Not Have My Pyjamas