Wednesday 31 March 2021

Durian flavour? Chendol? Indomie? Condoms with local flavours are suddenly a thing

First, it was Durex.

April Fool's joke? Probably, since Durex said the new condoms will be "launching in just 7 days" from 25 March, which is 1 April.

But then another condom brand, Fiesta, which I've never heard of, also got into the act with another popular local flavour.

Yes, Indomie condoms.

For when you want it quick.

Why stop there?

What about mala condoms? Salted egg yolk condoms? Nasi lemak condoms? Chilli crab condoms?

I guess we can skip the dinner part of a date now since you can make a meal out of the prophylactic now.

Apparently, durian condoms were actually a thing in Malaysia a few years ago.