Saturday 11 August 2018

Return of the rendang burger death match: McDonald's versus Burger King

It's back!

The last time I wrote about the rendang burger death match was five years ago when McDonald's pulled off an upset victory after Burger King scored an own goal by adding mayonnaise to the burger it originated.

This year, thanks to National Day, the death match is back as McDonald's has brought back its rendang burger at the same time as BK.

But this year, McDonald's takes its rendang burger to the next level by using angus beef, adding a fried egg and charging more for it while BK sticks to the classic and wisely leaves off the mayo.

I tried them both so that you don't have to.

And the winner of the rendang burger death match 2018 is... the classic.

The King is back. Long live the King!

There's a reason the BK rendang burger was once named one of Travel+Leisure magazine’s global top five burgers.

On the other hand, McDonald's overstuffed Rendang Sedap Angus Beef Burger is just too try-hard. I also found it too salty.

Crispiness is not a factor.

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