Sunday 18 December 2016

Final Performance Series race at Kranji: The smelliest run ever

This morning was the fifth and final race of the Performance Series and also my last race of the year.

The race was held in Kranji going past several fish farms.

It was called a "farm run". My wife called it the smelliest run ever. I knew she would say that! The early morning rain didn't help.

But somehow, I achieved my best time of the five Performance Series races, which was a nice way to end my running year.

As with previous Performance Series races, there were some logistical problems, this time mostly due to the rural location of the race.

But for all frustrations, you can't deny the ambition of organising five races around Singapore over eight months:

And you got to hand it to the organisers - they actually pulled it off.

My wife put her five finisher's medals together and made this map of Singapore.