Wednesday 2 July 2014

Me, my selfie stick & why I love it

I bought a selfie stick online from Qoo10 last month for about $8.50 including shipping.

The brand is Monopod.

You need to download a camera timer app on your phone to use it.

The first Instagram I took with the selfie stick is of me in bed with my complete McDonald's Hello Kitty Bubbly World collection.

That shot would not have been possible without the selfie stick.

Of course, I could always ask someone to take the in-bed-with-Hello-Kitty picture for me, but people are so judgey nowadays.

The selfie stick doesn't judge.

One little advice though: Make sure the phone is securely fastened to the selfie stick when you're taking pictures lying down because if the phone falls on your face, it hurts more than usual.

The Monopod also comes in handy when you're celebrating your birthday all by your mono self.

I think I found a new best friend.

That's what I call stick-to-itiveness.