Friday 15 February 2013

Awards season: It's no Asian TV Award, but ...

Remember when I won the award for Headline of the Month for October?

Well, that headline was also nominated for Headline of the Year and last night, it won.

It beat The Straits Times headline "CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CH4MPIONS" about the Lions winning the Suzuki Cup for the fourth time.

Finally, I get to update the awards section in my CV.

The last time I did something that won an award was when the sitcom Daddy's Girls won the Asian TV Award for Best Comedy in 2005. Before that, it was Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd, which won the same award in 1999.

But winning the Headline of the Year is much better because it's a solo thing and I'm actually getting some cash for it.

I also put considerable less work into producing the headline than producing the two TV shows.

Once again, I would like to thank the amorous teacher who gave the book Eat Pray Love to a student and then had sex with the underage boy, thus inspiring my money-making headline: "Teach, prey, love?"

Once again, love conquers all. How appropriate for Valentine's Day yesterday.