Tuesday 26 April 2016

I took the MRT train in North Korea and it didn't break down

In light of another major MRT breakdown in Singapore, I figure now is the perfect time to share my experience of taking the Metro in North Korea just over two weeks ago.

This was in the middle of a Saturday afternoon the day before the Pyongyang marathon.

It was arranged for us to take the train as a group, so we didn't get to experience how the ticketing system works.

Outside a Metro station:

Inside the station with my sister looking at the turnstiles:

Taking the longest escalator ride (4 minutes) down to the deepest underground rail system in the world:

The train platforms are quite grandly decorated.

Newspapers for the communists, I mean, commuters to read.

A video taken by my sister of a train arriving:

Unlike in Singapore, there are no safety barriers on the platform. It looked like the passengers have to pull open the train doors themselves.

On the train:

One thing I noticed about the train was that some of the windows can be opened and were, which made the ride even noisier.

Leaving the station:

Another video taken by my sister riding the escalator up and out of the station:


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